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MAME 0.220

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MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219 arrives today, just in time for the end of February! This month we’ve got another piece of Nintendo Game & Watch history – Pinball – as well as a quite a few TV games, including Dream Life Superstar, Designer’s World, Jenna Jameson’s Strip Poker, and Champiyon Pinball. The previously-added Care Bears and Piglet’s Special Day TV games are now working, as well as the big-endian version of the MIPS Magnum R4000. As always, the TV games vary enormously in quality, from enjoyable titles, to low-effort games based on licensed intellectual properties, to horrible bootlegs using blatantly copied assets. If music/rhythm misery is your thing, there’s even a particularly bad dance mat game in there.
On the arcade side, there are fixes for a minor but long-standing graphical issue in Capcom’s genre-defining 1942, and also a fairly significant graphical regression in Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden Fighters. Speaking of Seibu Kaihatsu, our very own Angelo Salese significantly improved the experience in Good E-Jan, and speaking of graphics fixes, cam900 fixed some corner cases in Data East’s innovative, but little-known, shoot-’em-up Boogie Wings. Software list additions include the Commodore 64 INPUT 64 collection (courtesy of FakeShemp) and the Spanish ZX Spectrum Load’N’Run collection (added by ICEknight). New preliminary CPU cores and disassemblers include IBM ROMP, the NEC 78K family, Samsung KS0164 and SSD Corp’s Xavix 2.
As always, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

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Alternate CoS Asian Deiselpunk Setting PART 2: Reign of the Storm Shogun

Continued from previous Post:

(Player) New and Variant Backgrounds: Some slightly altered backgrounds to give more ways to integrate your character into the world. Some of these backgrounds are simple reskins of existing backgrounds with new flavor text to help give potential character ideas.
Variant Soldier: Samurai
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation
Tool Proficiencies: One type musical instrument or Calligraphy Set,
vehicles (land)
Equipment: A banner bearing the crest of your clan or Daimyo, An ornate helmet and mask known as a Kabuto, a Calligraphy Set, A scroll stamped with the Imperial Seal denoting you as serving a Daimyo, a fine Kimono, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp
Feature: Way of Bushido – Anyone may follow the path of Bushido but you have devoted your life to following a strict personal code of honor. Bushido demands service, and so you have sworn yourself to a master or " Daimyo ". A Daimyo may be a local noble, the Jade Emperor, or even a childhood friend. It does not matter who a Daimyo is to a Samurai, only that they serve them with Honor. As long as the Samurai remains Honorable and obeys the will of his Daimyo he may requisition basic equipment and horses for temporary use as well as dwell for free in most inns. The owners of the equipment and innkeepers do this with the understanding that the Samurai will have his Daimyo cover the costs with interest to them later, though there are limits to this trust no Gunsmith will provide a Gun to a Samurai even just to borrow for free.
Variant Folk Hero: Ronin
Some Samurai do not follow a Daimyo, but instead swear themselves unto the weak and the innocent making them collectively his Daimyo. These roaming Samurai are called Ronin and they venture to the remote reaches of Daichi to bring justice.
The Ronin follows a strict personal code of Bushido that always includes " Protect the weak and innocent " among its edicts. As long as the Ronin follows this code his background Skill, Tool, and Language proficiencies as well as Background Feature are identical to the core Background Folk Hero with the exception of his equipment.
Equipment: A set of artisan’s tools (one of your choice), a humble unadorned Helmet and Mask called a Kabuto, a warm traveling Kimono, Scrolls detailing your lineage and status as a Samurai stamped with the Imperial Seal, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp
Variant Criminal – Shinobi:
Sometimes referred to as Ninjas by common folk, Shinobi are a cloister of loosely connected and often competing clans of professional assassins and infiltrators. Shinobi are masters of stealth and subterfuge and while the image of the black clad warrior made popular in Kabuki plays is certainly a major aspect of the Shinobi it is not all that they are. Though there are always exceptions most Shinobi Clans work for coin or for an ancestral Daimyo in much the same way a Samurai does, though it is rare that individual Shinobi serve a singular master. The most infamous clan are the Rain Maidens who have long served the Storm Shogun.
Shinobi are identical to the Criminal background in all ways except the following alterations to the background feature:
Feature: Clan Contact
You have a reliable and trustworthy contact who acts as a liaison to your Shinobi Clan. You know how to get messages to and from your contact even over great distances; specifically, you know the local dead drop locations, secret handshakes to contact messenger Shinobi, and trained messenger raven rookeries who can deliver the messages for you. As long as you are in good standing your Clan is willing to aid you acquire basic supplies and occasional vital information to aid you in your personal endeavours.
Variant Acolyte -Shrine Maiden: While men are permitted to watch over Kami Shrines it is traditional that a lone Maiden watch over the smaller way-shrines along major roads, these women lead very solitary and lonesome lives and it is not uncommon for them to occasionally be filled with a period of wonderlust where they seek out adventure before returning to their duties. Sometimes these Maidens have families that will live nearby but the Maiden is expected to live and sleep within her Shrine for most of the year. While this is tradition, there is no actual law requiring the Shrine Maidens to remain at their posts or to live solely within the Shrines and it is not particularly frowned upon for them to have lives outside their work.
Variant Entertainer – Geisha: An exclusively female profession of extremely skilled entertainers who spend their lives training in matters of conversation, party planning, tea serving, singing, acting, and often many other skills that serve well in keeping rich and powerful guests happy. Geisha is a highly honorable and respected profession that takes years of practice to attain the lowest rankings, while there are males who have obtained the same degree of skill and who’s abilities are identical to a Geisha’s they are simply called Entertainers. Geisha are sponsored by great noble houses, there are strict requirements and examinations to attain rank and title the cost of which can often indenture common Geisha to service to one of the great noble houses.
Variant Outlander – Vajra: A nomadic people of traders and merchants, they travel openly and without fear of the dark evils of the Storm Shogun under the protection of an ancient pact. They are reviled by many, refused entrance to most towns and villages but even so they are a peaceful people on whom the economy of Daichi depends. They revere their ancestors and believe in reincarnation, they do not worship the great Rakasha but do revere it and thus all Rakasha and tigers are sacred to them. They travel on the back of great elephants which carry their homes, their culture is rich and vibrant with a fondness for oral storytelling.
Identical in all ways to Outlander core background except exchange language choice for Language: Vajra and add Tool Proficiency: Musical Instrument. You may begin play with a Sitar, a guitar like instrument.
New Background – Invader:
You are a descendent of the coalition of nations that came to conquer Daichi one thousand years ago. While many still serve the Shogun Ishin you have chosen instead to join the other defectors in living peacefully among the people you once conquered. While despised even more than Vajra you serve an even more vital function in keeping the engines and machinery within the cities and villages of Daichi running. While the Invaders are from many nations their culture has eroded and homogenized over time. Their legends speak of a " Homeland " but none can remember the name. All invaders have a special innate affinity for their blood magic fueled hemo-diesel technology and all can instinctively repair and maintain it.
Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Arcana
Tool Proficiencies: Tinker’s and Smiths Tools
Languages: Invader’s Trade Tongue
Feature: Born Engineer – You instinctively know how to perform repairs on all manner of machinery magic and mundane. You may cast as a Mending as an Artificer of your level. Further, whenever you are in an annex or industrial sector of a city you may call on the aid of your fellow Invaders for access to crafting machinery, temporary use of simple vehicles, and a place to lay your head in the factory barracks.
(Player) New Subclasses:
Editorial Note: Due to some of the listed subclasses being from 3rd party content that I have purchased I cannot directly copy class abilities into this listing. The actual subclass will be presented as Handouts in-game. PM me if you require further information regarding each subclass.
Path of the Juggernaut: You have built, scavenged, stolen, or otherwise acquired a titanic Diesel Suit. While most barbarians disdain armor you have made it into a focus for your Rage.
Ability Preview: Unstoppable – By expending a unique resource called " Momentum " you can burst through non-magical walls, furniture, and other barriers.
Path of the Iron Rider: You have formed a unique bond with a Tsukumogami Dieselcycle which you can call as a Familiar. You channel your rage into heavy firearms as you ride against the storm.
Ability Preview: Iron Horse – You can call a spirit possessed Dieselcycle to yourself using the Find Vehicle spell.
Ability Preview: Bullet Rage – Instead of channeling your Rage into melee strikes you may instead empower Firearms, eventually reloading and firing with blinding speed.
College of the Geisha – You are a professional of beauty and grace, your words, songs, and dances inspire in ways no other Bard can compare to. This has cost you the potency of magic and martial knowledge of other Colleges but strengthening and supporting your allies is more than worth it.
Ability Preview: Fascination – When an ally uses a skill empowered by Bardic Inspiration they also have Advantage on that roll.
College of the Vajra Weather a true born Vajra or one who has adopted their ways and culture, you have earned many of the unique powers of the foreign nomads. Farsight, Curses, and other oddities to aid allies or confound enemies are yours to command.
Ability Preview: Flash of Despair – You grant your enemies a moment of your own foresight, showing them their own imminent failure. You may use your Bardic Inspiration to grant penalties to your foes in the same ways you grant boons to your allies.
Thaumic Engineering Domain: You have abandoned the old religions, accepting the new gods of Science and Reason. You are a man of logic not faith, but you do not ignorantly deny the existence of gods. Rather you recognize that they are a natural force in the world in much the same way as wind or fire are natural forces, and being a scientist at heart you have made it your speciality to put a microscope onto the powers of the divine.
Ability Preview: Armor of Divinity – You have discovered the underlying magical force that grants moments of supernatural protection to the Faithful and applied this theory to a physical suit of armor. You can summon a suit of diesel armor at will that is empowered by your knowledge of the divine.
Ability Preview: Theological Scholar – Where most Clerics dispense Wisdom you dispense Knowledge. Your spellcasting modifier is Intelligence, other class abilities that would scale off of Wisdom instead scale off of Intelligence.
Ability Preview: Spark of Creation – You slowly begin to apply your theories regarding the creation of life and the universe, fabricating advanced Automata with a spark of divine life.
Circle of the Machine: While most Druids protect the deep forests and natural wonders of the world, you have chosen to see to the needs of the Cities and their people. Viewing the wonders of technology as a creation just as worth of protection as any waterfall or mountain you have found a way to channel the raw powers of technology through your body to overcome the limitations of other Druids.
Ability Preview: Iron to Steel: You realize that Steel is just another form of iron, manufactured weapons are made from base natural components. You are proficient with Firearms and are not hindered by wearing metal armor or weapons.
Ability Preview: Machine Shape – The ultimate expression of your beliefs, you channel the raw force of technology and creation through your flesh to become one with the Machine. When you Wildshape you may change the Type of your beast shape to Construct.
Ability Preview: Automata Companion – As many druids surround themselves with the beasts of the forest you surround yourself with mechanized allies. You gain an Automata companion in the shape of a Beast.
Way of the Jade Bailiff You have sworn an oath to venture out into the distant reaches of Daichi bringing law and justice with you. You are trained well in the art of subdual and investigation, you never kill when arrest is a possibility.
Ability Preview: Pacify Suspect – You use your advanced hand-to-hand combat training to grapple or disarm targets while overwhelming them with a flurry of blows.
Way of the Singularity To obtain enlightenment is to comprehend infinity and eternity both, but flesh is finite and limited. In your journey to the nirvana of perfect understanding you have chosen to forsake flesh for augmetic steel. You have already installed numerous cybernetic implants within your body and will continue to do so, every pound of flesh lost bringing you closer to perfect understanding of the cosmos.
Ability Preview: The Flesh is Weak – Among various other augmentations you replace a full limb with a cybernetic augment. You may channel your Ki through this augment to bend the universe to your will, casting specialized Automation Spells.
Drunken Master You realize that life is about more than just fighting, obtaining wealth, or rising through social ranks. It is a vital necessity for all living beings to relax and enjoy themselves, to this end you have made it your lifestyle to spread your mastercrafted brews far and wide.
Ability Preview: Good for what ails you – Your Sake is more than just simple rice wine, you have brewed it with ancient techniques gifted to the mortal races by the Kami at the dawn of time. These are not just booze but potent elixirs that replicate the effects of many Potions.
Alternate Drunken Master – hanoyu MasteMistress – While mechanically identical to the Drunken Master you have chosen to master the complex and delicate art of the tea ceremony rather than the bar room brawl. You use mystical tea leaves gathered from secret sanctuaries in the deep woods often tended by forest sprites rather than hard liquor.’’
Automata Hunter Many in this world embrace technology, but not you. You hold special animosity and hatred for the industrialization that is poisoning Daichi, for the Automata that slaughter innocents, and for the slowly receding natural world. You have spent a lifetime learning the special weaknesses of machines, turning their own strength against them.
Ability Preview: Breaker Weapon – You have constructed an Anti-Tank Rifle, Thermal Torch, Piston Hammer, or Buster Sword. These weapons are customized to your exact specifications to destroy machines and bypass their armor. They are also still effective against organic targets, though their size tends to get in the way.

(Player) Misc. Player options, New Warlock Patron, Feats, Equipment, Familiars.
Editorial Note: Much like with Subclasses as some of this content is 3rd party I only provide flavor descpritions rather than actual rules which are instead provided through the compendium legally.
New Warlock Patron: Logic and Reason – Pacts with eldritch entities from beyond time are but a crutch to you. Through overwhelming knowledge of science and the deeper mechanisms that drive the cosmos you have become your own Patron.
Ability Preview: Space-Time Recollection – By using advanced knowledge of light particles and chronology magic you can view past events within an area up to 24 hours past. While you cannot willfully speed up or slow down the viewing of these events you can specify a general time frame such as " Morning, Early Afternoon, 9:45 PM "
Eldritch Invocations of Logic and Reason:
Binary Linguist – You can communicate with any Construct flawlessly, it always understands you even through pure body language. You in turn can understand the same.
Prosthetic Limb 50 GP – Loss of Limb is a common reality to the people of Daichi, necessitating such crude augmentations. While gorgeous paragons of artisanal mastercraft, or cunning advanced combat prosthetics do exist this is neither. This limb represents a modest workman’s limb. It does not come with excessive adornments and his simple unpainted steel. This device runs on 1 sp worth of Diesel fuel per day and perfectly matches the function of an organic limb. While the limb can replicate strength of up to a score of 20, being set any higher than the user’s natural strength would result in the limb tearing itself free or otherwise damaging the user.
DieselCycle, Price: Varies – The Dieselcycle is the most popular form of personal transport across Daichi, extremely rugged and reliable these two wheeled motorized vehicles can cross all manner of difficult terrain at breakneck speed. Many varieties of Dieselcycle exist, mirroring various breeds of horse and mule. Dieselcycles use the stat block of the specified Mount though with an intelligence, wisdom, and charisma score of 0, Type – Construct, double the listed HP and Speed, and with Bite or Hoof attacks becoming Ram attacks. Dieselcycles cannot move or operate without a Rider but unlike Horses do not feel fear and have no minds to warp with magic. A dieselcycle is destroyed when it reaches 0 HP and requires 1 GP worth of Hemo-Diesel to operate per day.
Familiars For sake of simplicity these entries will be kept brief, giving a short description of each new Familiar instead of a lengthy stat block.
Lesser Pheonix The smallest species of Pheonix, an extremely minor Kami. One should not summon such a creature if they are not prepared to give it proper reverance.
Helper Automata A small robot built to aid it’s maker. These Automata can be built into any shape from very small humanoids to mimicking animals, or more crude and utilitarian bundles of spidery limbs and tool armatures. Some are even shaped as extra mechanized arms to hold things for their masters.
Giant Silkworm Come in both " naked " and " fuzzy " varieties, these creatures provide the economic backbone for many mountain communities that make their living by weaving dazzling Kimono. They are calm tempered, vegetarian, and have no bite. Popular with small children.
Giant Flower Mantis Temperamental hunters this creature is as likely to bite and slice at it’s handler as it is an enemy. One rarely refers to these beasts as a " Familiar " for they more tolerate than serve their summoners.
Giant Hawkmoth The later stage of the SIlkworm’s life cycle, now possessing two great scythe limbs they become aggressive carnivores, though they retain the bonds they held in their larval stage with human owners and often are kept as beloved pets for many years.
Fu Dragon The least of the Dragons is still a mighty Kami. These Dragons will serve entire family lineages for generations as long as they are properly revered and respected.
Ancestor Spirit When a young Wu Jen or Warlock needs further guidance than can be given through mere rote memorization of ancestral tomes, sometimes an Ancestor will voluntarily leave Heaven to give spiritual guidance directly.
Feats For sake of simplicity Feats are cut down to just brief descriptions rather than the entire Feats entry. Racial Feats are not repeated here, they are listed in or near their racial entries in the Race section.
Bonded Weapon Wielder You attune your soul to a particular Weapon. You may call this weapon to your hand as a Bonus Action as long as it is on the same Plane as you. This Weapon no longer needs to be Attuned if magical.
Hengeyokai Ancestry You either carry some Hengeyokai blood in your veins, or if you are already a Hengeyokai discover enough of your hidden ancestries to unlock a new Animal Form. You may shapechange into an animal ( though not a Hybrid ) or a new additional animal form if already a Hengeyokai.
Tattooed Special Prerequisite: You have earned the respect of a master Monk or Maiko who has chosen to gift you one of these magical Tattoos. The tattoo is filled with magic and grants you a particular benefit dependent on the tattoo you earn.
Firearm Mastery Countless hours with a gun in your hand have paid off by allowing you to engage in melee combat with a gun among other benefits.
Novice Inventor Through constant experimentation you have dipped into the Automation magic of the Invaders. Gaining one of their spells and a Cantrip.
Augmented You have taken into your body extensive cybernetic improvement. You become more faster, stronger, or tougher and your mechanical parts make you more resilient. If you could before, you can no longer hide your cybernetic nature, your limbs and organs are obviously artificial.

(DUNGEON MASTERS) Okay with the general setting and player info out of the way we can talk a bit about the actual campaign. While I won't post all my notes here I will give enough of a general overview such that DM's can use it as a jumping off point if they so wish.

The True Backstory of Daichi and the Storm Shogun:

Isak was raised in a family of wealth and status with a glorious military history in a nation resembling 1920's America. He was brought up with the understanding that war was a glorious and honorable endeavor where the strong defended their ideals on the field of battle. Advances in technology and politics robbed him of this delusion however, wars of defense became wars of colonial conquest. Officers who once led from the front now telephoned their orders as men died by the thousands to machine gun fire. Isak grew to resent and hate his own people for failing to live up to the fantastical narrative he had been raised on. When Isak conquered Diachi he soon found solace in it's path of Bushido, the Samurai of Daichi embodied the world Isak wished to live in and so he sought to emulate them, eventually renaming himself the Storm Shogun Ishin. Ishin soon received orders that Daichi was to be colonized and her people marched onto reservations. Ishin's leutenant and childhood friend Mara ( Rahadin ) was of a people similarly subjugated and made certain Ishin knew fully what these reservations would do to the people of Daichi. Ishin promptly sought a means to betray his commanders and save Daichi. Delving deep into an ancient temple formed of Amber from the World Tree he uncovered the prison for the Four Great Perils. Hearing the whispers of Taowu who easily convinced Ishin that if he released them they would in gratitude draw Daichi away from the Material Realm such that it would be safe for eternity, however this act required a sacrifice in the form of the " ultimate betrayal of the one you love most. " Ishin despaired as he knew it could only mean killing his beloved sister. Ishin's Sister never entered the army but dissapointed her family by taking up the trade of a humble engineer, she was hesitant to accept Ishin's offer years ago to come to Daichi but relented to see her beloved brother again. During her stay at the former Imperial City she met a street thief named Yoko and the two quickly fell in love. Ishin returned to the city from his journey to the Amber Temple to discover the two being married beneath a sakura tree. Ishin quickly slew the Samurai Honor Guard ( The Player Characters ) and then murdered his own sister in cold blood. As life left her he looked to Yoko and knew that the betrayal was not sufficient, he had to first take from his sister the thing *she* loved the most before his betrayal would be truly ultimate. However with his sister dead Yoko flew into a rage and fought the Shogun with every dirty trick she knew, forcing the shogun to kill her. Taowu was furious at the Shogun's incompetent failure, yet with his betrayal half-complete the Great Perils were still able to manifest partiallin in Daichi and swiftly swept it away from the Material Plane while creating the eternal Typhoon in the process.

Now empowered by the Great Perils, the immortal Storm Shogun has been trapped in a thousand year long cycle of murdering his sister, her lover ( Ireena ), and their four guardian Samurai ( The Player Characters ). On the thousandth anniversery of his failure the Great Peril's hold on Daichi will wane and it will crash back to the Material Plane, destroying the world in the process. To save the world either the Storm Shogun must prevail......or the Samurai must find a way to undo the damage he has caused.

Meanwhile in the sleepy Kimkaro Village four humble Samurai are called to the home of the Daimyo who lies on his deathbed, he wishes to see his adoptive daughter Yoko one last time before he passes and has asked you to fetch her........

(Dungeon Masters) General Plot overview: This is how the game is intended to flow and be resolved. It is of course very much up to individual Dungeon Masters to modify this to fit their players and narrative. Obviously no plan or plot survives first contact with Players so adjust as needed. I've woven in plotlines from some other Modules I have to pad out areas I felt needed it.

Level 1: The party goes to find Yoko at her home outside the village walls and discovers that an Automata ( Animated Armor ) she has been scavenging parts from has sprung to life, possessed by a ghost screaming about it's Hunger. The ghost is Shinzo the Eater, a spirit astrally projecting from his emaciated corpse in the Death House. After defeating the machine the party visits the Daimyo who offers his blessing for the party to leave the village.....after they help resolve the current issue with the polluted river. The River the village relies on for fish has been dying off with the river goddess refusing to answer prayers.

The party spends a week searching without avail but while fishing Yoko finds a talking Koi Fish claiming to be the River Goddess! She needs to pass through the Dragon Gate at the top of a nearby mountain to resume her true form. (Dungeon Master) The " River Goddess Koi " is actually Jin-Hao the daughter of the true river goddess Jin-Zhi, he has been cursed into a koi fish as punishment for her arrogance and hubris in attempting to solve the poisoned river problem herself while her mother was away attending to matters in Heaven. Jin-Hao tried to use advanced magic far beyond the Wyrmling and accidently caused a massive lightning storm ( Nobody died thankfully ). It should be very obvious to the players that the Koi is lying and she will confess the truth under fairly little scrutiny as long as the party is kind.

A journey upriver ensues where the party must brave several skill challenges to overcome obstacles, there is always an extremely easy path that merely takes a long time to navigate. Jin-Zhi has engineered this to teach her daughter ( and the players ) patience. Weather the players succeed or fail the skill challenges Jin-Hao comes to realize that taking time and being patient solves more problems more easily than rushing ahead. Try to reflect in roleplay her slowly becoming less of a whiny impatient child and more level headed and patient as the player's progress. Eventually they will come to the Dragon's Gate and pass through where a final challenge awaits, Jin-Zhi in the form of a Tiger. This test is not for her daughter but rather for the Players, to see if they will be worthy of the gift she has for them. After Jin-Zhi takes 40 HP damage ( adjust as needed for party size. ) or the party is reduced to 0 HP ( They cannot die while in the Dragon's Gate and Jin-Zhi will resurrect them if they somehow do. ) she will adopt her true form and do the same to her daughter who will become a Lung Dragon once more. If the party has taken the lessons learned during the journey to heart, encouraged Jin-Hao to do the same, showed honor, teamwork, and courage in the final combat ( weather they won or not ) , and generally been polite she will reward them with a Clam of Patience.

Clam of Patience: Wonderous Item, Uncommon - This pearlescent creature produces a single use Pearl of Power once a Week. This pearl is known as a " Fruit of Time " and will crumble to dust when used or when the Clam produces another.

Jin-Zhi will offer to allow Jin-Hao a second try at fixing the river but the young dragon has learned her lesson and says she is not ready. Pleased with this Jin-Zhi explains to the party that the River's poisoning is from a dam downstream that is flooding the river with pollutants. She allows the party to ride on her back as far downstream as she is able to go before she reaches the edge of her allotted domain. At this point the party should be Level 2. If the party has grown attatched to Jin-Hao consider allowing them to retain her as an ally for the coming dungeon ( Silver Dragon Wyrmling ), if not grant them Inspiration.

Level 2: The party reaches the Dam which has an ancient house built on it in the style of the Invaders. This home belonged to Commander Durst, a cruel and wicked military officer who was " encouraged " to build his home far from any civilization as a form of exile by the Storm Shogun. This house is effectively identical to the Death House, however Rose and Thorn are replaced by Shinzo the Eater, Durst's son who was trapped in the deep watershed of the estate and starved, feeding on the corpses of his family after the Shogun slaughtered them upon his rise to power. ( The Shogun was ignorant of Shinzo's presence as he was hiding at the time. ) Shinzo soon became a horrifying emaciated Oni that is trapped within the building. Use the stats for the Shambling Mound though roleplay the Engulf Ability as Shinzo stuffing people whole into his horrid mouth lined with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. Consider removing the Animated Armor ( The party already fought an Automata ) and making the Specter non-hostile. Replace the Grick and Mimic with more Asian themed monsters of equal CR.( I use creatures from the " Monsters of the Orient " complete Beastiary. )

Upon completing Death House the Dam begins to crumble and disintigrate, cue the party ( hopefully ) dramatically escaping just as the dam breaks and the poisoned waters are freed. Jin-Zhi in grattitude uses her magic to stop the dam from otherwise causing catastrophic flooding and the River is soon restored to health. The party levels to 3.

Level 3: The funeral of the Daimyo was delayed due to the pressing issue of the River. Now as the party returns they may proceed with burying Yoko's adoptive father, the arrangements go off without a hitch. However a mysterious individual is present, a woman in the uniform of the Storm Shogun's tank battalions. This woman is Lieutenant-Commander Mara Strahd's right hand woman ( Rahadin ). This character embodies the role of femme fetale but is more honorable than Rahadin and if she witnesses the Feast of St. Andral's event she can be convinced to betray the Storm Shogun.

She explains that she is an agent of the Storm Shogun and has come to declare the new Daimyo of the village. Considering the party single handedly are responsible for the River being cleansed she asks them for their recommendations and honors their requests, she holds relatively little regard for Shang as Daimyo and will only declare him if asked to. ( She dislikes anyone who acts through Proxy so make this clear unless Shang accompanied the party during any stage of the adventure ). She commands the party to go to The Imereial City to inform " the traitors " of the new Daimyo's appointnemt and issues them travel passes if they do not have them already.

At this point the game proceeds as normal for Curse of Strahd with reflavorings where needed.

Old Bonegrinder is now a Tea Plantation run by three White Haired Witches, Dream Pies are replaced by Dream Tea.

The Abbot is now the Maiden who operates a vast shrine at the village of Kreza, where she creates horrid amalgamations of Flesh and Metal. ( Cyborgs replace the Mongrelfolk )

The Imperial City is Vallaki, I allow the option to have a " golden ending " to the questline in which the Jade Emperor is ousted but his wife the Empress enters a political binding agreement ( or marriage if you want ) with Evangaline Pentageist and the Jade City remains free while improving the lives of all citizens. Evangaline keeps the Shogun placated with hidden loyalty without turning the city over to him wholesale.

The biggest departure is the removal of the Martikovs. I repalced them with The Troupe, a band of 36 highly skilled Kabuki Play actors and actresses who each own a distinct Mask. The party has hints of these masks throughout the adventure and slowly learn that there is a massive information network of these players. Inspired by the White Lotus from Avatar the Last Airbender, they preserve the story of the true origins of the Storm Shogun and help the party realize that they have been reincarnated dozens of times only to fail, this helps them learn from past mistakes.

The second greatest departure is that the Shogun's Sister ( Sergei ) is also reincarnating. She and Yoko have over time retained memories of each other despite their constant reincarnations, though the memories are vague and dreamlike. This is how Yoko has slowly become a skilled engineer while the Shogun's Sister has slowly become a street thief in the Imperial City. The two should meet often throughout the adventure, first as adversaries but slowly growing to be lovers. NOTE: Doing a love story, particularly one that does not involve players, is hard to make engaging. Imply rather than show, have Yoko show up later than usual at night and say how much fun she had while out with a " Friend " etc. etc.

I had Yoko be a Kitsune for this adventure and had the Shogun's Sister reincarnate as a Tanuki just for the fun of it but feel free to make them be of any race. You can make the Shogun's Sister Male if you wish, I personally just felt like adding some diversity to the campaign.

Wooooo! That was a long journey but we mostly got through it. I know there's alot that's glazed over but that's just part of my DMing style. I don't really write down every possible thing because honestly my players are gonna blow 90% of those plans up before they even make contact with them. If your curious to know more about anything just let me know and hopefully I didnt' bore you too much!
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The Re-Revised Ranger. Addressing what is still missing to be addressed.

The Ranger is clearly a sore thumb between the classes of 5e. While it's debatable is the class is too weak, too strong or just good enough, it is continuously been discussed because players just don't see it working. We had a Revised Ranger, the UA Class Features (where the Ranger had the most changes to their base features, when others had mostly more options for the same stuff with some alternative here or there), the Maneuver's Ranger from the Modifying a Class UA, even a really old UA solely for the Ranger as a previous, ignored version of the Revised Ranger. So WotC clearly acknowledges that there's something wrong with the Ranger and has been trying to fix it, with no decisive effect yet.
So, this is my humble attempt to tackle the Ranger Affair, trying to be as conservative as possible and using options provided to us before, there's really no need to reinvent the wheel, imo.

The Problem

Rangers have a big issue: they are the prime class to interact with one of the three pilars of play, Exploration. But exploration is usually either handwaved by DMs at all, or when played by the book, rangers just handwave it themselves. There's also the painfully obvious issue that a Background, someone everyone has access to, gives you access to scavenging food and water for the whole party, and be informed of the wilderness around you. Not at all everything that the Ranger offers, but a key part that of it.
There's also the issue that the class is bound to a given terrain and a given enemy, so you need a big spoiler from the DM or knowing the adventure to make a class decision as early as 1st level. Also, it's too much of a binary option: either your feature is useless, or you are amazing. We need something more general and as-always-online as possible, without breaking the game.
Finally, as a last talking point (there might be finer details to discuss, but on a bird's eye level) there's the Spellcasting feature and how it's bound to the Ranger playstyle. As WotC themselves acknowledged on their Modifying Classes UA, the ranger a whole bunch of exploration spells on their spell lists, plus healing (giving it that distinctive vibe A La Strider from Lord of the Rings of a wilderness warrior also capable of healing), and they derive a lot of their damage from Hunter's Mark, plus assorted combat benefits from other spells. But their spell list is Known (when the Paladin, as a clear contender as the other half-caster, is Prepared, and also has Channel Divinity for an extra oomph of power on a limited basis), and the exploration spells that make a big part of the Ranger's essence are something that doesn't come often enough that players decide to learn them in advance, and even then, you are competing for the slots with the ever-present Hunter's Mark.
As a quick bullet point:

Previous Ideas

The three big changes possible already tried by WotC are the Maneuvers' Ranger (losing spellcasting), the Revised Ranger, and in a way the UA Variant Ranger, when we replace ALL the possible features with the ones on the UA. I think all of them have little valuable things to draw inspiration from towards a new revision:
Revised Ranger had some great stuff like a better, generalistic Natural Explorer, but went too far with the Favored Enemy part, adding a sizable damage bonus, that would stack with Hunter's Mark (still taxing your spells), and its on the base class, so if you choose to be a Hunter, Gloomstalker or other existing or future subclass adding more damage, it starts to get out of hand. And still, you are forced to choose a given set of enemies, so the DM dependency is still there.
The Maneuvers' Ranger, as I've come to call it (the one without spellcasting), makes some really good analysis on how the ranger's spell list is supposed to affect it, but of course I'm not planing on taking away Spellcasting so their solutions don't really work for me at this time, but at least it gives a good guide on what the Ranger should be able to do with some level of freedom.
Our newest entry on the list, the Class Variants UA ranger, has some AMAZING things going on: namely, the free (and earlier!) Hunter's Mark is a great way of boosting the Ranger's damage without all that flashy Favored Enemy from the Revised Ranger, but it's still lacking a key part: proper scaling. While other martials have ways to increase their damage output beyond 5th level, in the ways of bigger slots for Divine Smite, more Sneak Attack dice, a bigger Rage or directly more attacks in the Fighter, after a Ranger (BASE ranger, ignoring subclasses here) gets Extra Attack, that's all the damage it gets until 20th level where it can add +WIS once per turn. Primal Awareness and their free spells once per day make a great effort to give the Ranger access to their exploration spells, but given that it gives you access to several ritual spells (and that they are mostly used for Exploration), it's a pity it didn't go the extra mile and let you cast spells as rituals, which would be rather special for the Ranger, to contrast it even more with the Paladin. As a last note, I think that there's some good ideas with Daft Explorer, but I'd rather not have that many options on the base class, and streamline it a little more, because mostly Canny(Perception) and Tireless are really strong options, and the Exhaustion part can be abused on an early subclass with Barbarian, and I'd rather avoid another obligatory 1-level dip A La Hexblade.

Key Points for a Re-Revised ranger:

My Solution

I'm shamelessly mashing and remixing the previous ideas with as little new, potentially broken ideas as possible. I want a Ranger that feels as familiar as possible to anyone. So, first thing, I love Favored Foe's free Hunter's Mark, but it's missing the scaling. But now we give the spell to the player for free, so we are SURE he'll have it since 1st level, and we can take that and give it a custom scaling, that other spellcasters (getting Hunter's Mark from Magical Secrets or Magic Initiate, for example) don't get. Sneak Attack proved to be a great way of boosting damage, so we'll follow something similar with a class-table column scaling. I am avoiding making it a FEATURE though, I'm keeping it a spell, just altered through a feature. For now I'm following the Barbarian scaling of Rage, adding one dice whenever Rage gets +1 damage.
Im also absolutely avoiding anything that looks like the original Natural Explorer, but I'll take inspiration from the Revised one with general features always online. Exploration will also be aided by the Primal Awareness feature, following something really similar to the Variant Features, but I really like the idea of ritual spells for the Ranger, so I'm tweaking the list a little and changing it from "free once per long rest" to "can be casted as Ritual, even if the spell doesn't normally have the Ritual tag". There's just one or two spells that use this exception though, but there are literally no other ritual spells to fill in the gap, and I don't want to overly expand the Ranger's spell list needlessly. Primal Awareness is giving spells that ALL belong to the Ranger's spell list, not adding more spells, just "preselecting some spells for you, for free".
With that said, this is what we are left with, I'll call it Remixed Ranger for now:

* The Remixed Ranger

Level Proficiency Bonus Features Hunter's Mark Spells Known 1st slots 2nd slots 3rd slots 4th slots 5th slots
1 +2 Marked Foe, Adept Explorer 1d6 - - - - - -
2 +2 Fighting Style, Spellcasting 1d6 2 2 - - - -
3 +2 Ranger Archetype, Primeval Connection 1d6 3 3 - - - -
4 +2 Ability Score Improvement 1d6 3 3 - - - -
5 +3 Extra Attack 1d6 4 4 2 - - -
6 +3 Tireless 1d6 4 4 2 - - -
7 +3 Ranger Archetype Feature 1d6 5 4 3 - - -
8 +3 Ability Score Improvement, Wilderness Strider 1d6 5 4 3 - - -
9 +4 - 2d6 6 4 3 2 - -
10 +4 Supple Skillset, Natural Camouflage 2d6 6 4 3 2 - -
11 +4 Ranger Archetype Feature 2d6 7 4 3 3 - -
12 +4 Ability Score Improvement 2d6 7 4 3 3 - -
13 +5 - 2d6 8 4 3 3 1 -
14 +5 Marked Foe Improvement, Vanish 2d6 8 4 3 3 1 -
15 +5 Ranger Archetype Feature 2d6 9 4 3 3 2 -
16 +5 Ability Score Improvement 3d6 9 4 3 3 2 -
17 +6 - 3d6 10 4 3 3 3 1
18 +6 Feral Senses 3d6 10 4 3 3 3 1
19 +6 Ability Score Improvement 3d6 11 4 3 3 3 2
20 +6 Eerie Slayer 3d6 11 4 3 3 3 2

1st lv - Marked Foe

You can call on your bond with nature to mark a creature as your favored enemy for a time: you know the hunter’s mark spell, and Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for it. You can use it a certain number of times without expending a spell slot and without requiring concentration— a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier (a minimum of once). You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest. The amount of the extra damage from the spell increases when you use it as part of this feature as you gain levels in this class, as shown in the Hunter's Mark column of the Ranger table. When you gain the Spellcasting feature at 2nd level, hunter’s mark doesn’t count against the number of ranger spells you know. At 14th level, whenever you roll initiative and you have no uses remaining for the Marked Foe feature, you regain one use.
(This is basically Favored Foe from the UA Class Features with the Hunter's Mark scaling and some extra benefit at 14th, one of the levels the PHB Favored Enemy scales. I felt unnecesary to make it scale again at 6th as this is now just a damage+tracking feature, and you get Extra Attack just one level before 6th)

1st lv - Adept Explorer

While traveling in the wilderness, you gain the following benefits:
  • Difficult terrain doesn’t slow your group’s travel.
  • Your group can’t become lost except by magical means.
  • Even when you are engaged in another activity while traveling (such as foraging, navigating, or tracking), you remain alert to danger.
  • If you are traveling alone, you can move stealthily at a normal pace.
  • When you forage, you find twice as much food as you normally would.
  • While tracking other creatures, you also learn their exact number, their sizes, and how long ago they passed through the area.
In addition, thanks to your extensive wandering, you gain the following benefits regardless of your location:
  • Your walking speed increases by 5, and you gain a climbing speed and a swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
  • You are able to speak, read, and write one additional language of your choice.
(The general benefits from Natural Explorer, unbound to a terrain like on the Revised Ranger, with Roving plus some of Canny from UA Class Features' Deft Explorer. Tireless is abusable at 1st level, and probably too strong overall, and the expertise at 1st level steps too much into Rogue's shoes for my taste, and all Roving + 2 languages was probably too much still, but one language should do it)

2nd lv - Fighting Style

(As the PHB + UA's Druidic Warrior)

2nd lv - Spellcasting

(As the PHB + Spell Versatility + Spellcasting Focus, i'm totally neutral on the expanded spell list)

3rd lv - Ranger Archetype

3rd lv - Primeval Connection

You can focus your awareness through the interconnections of nature: you learn additional spells when you reach certain levels in this class if you don’t already know them, as shown in the Primeval Connection Spells table. These spells don’t count against the number of ranger spells you know, and you can cast them as Rituals, even if any of the spells doesn't have the Ritual tag.
Ranger Level Spell
3rd detect magic, speak with animals
5th beast sense, locate animals or plants
9th water walk
13th freedom of movement
17th commune with nature
(Basically Primal Awareness from Class Features'UA, but instead of once per long rest free castings, now you can cast them as Rituals, which means more uses, but also 10+ minute casting times instead of almost-instant. Initially I like detect magic there. I fear it might be too strong for a half-caster to have Detect Magic as ritual, but it's just a 1st level spell and ALL ritual casters have access to it, so it's probably fine. I also replaced speak with animals for water walk, which is already a ritual, and locate creature, which would be totally busted as a ritual, for * freedom of movement*)

4th lv - Ability Score Improvement

5th lv - Extra Attack

6th lv - Tireless

Starting at 6th level, you gain temporary hit points equal to your WIS modifier at the start of your turn. In addition, whenever you finish a short rest, your exhaustion level, if any, is decreased by 1.
(Moving Tireless to 6th level, so it can't be abused with Berserker on a 1-level dip, but also replaced the rolling dice and limit for a flat THP bonus each turn, which I think conveys the idea of being tireless in combat wonderfully, and just up to 5 HP per round should be enough that it doesn't render you near-immortal)

7th lv - Ranger Archetype Feature

8th lv - Ability Score Improvement

8th lv - Wilderness Strider

Starting at 8th level, your walking speed increases by 5, and moving through nonmagical difficult terrain costs you no extra movement. You can also pass through nonmagical plants without being slowed by them and without taking damage from them if they have thorns, spines, or a similar hazard.
In addition, you have advantage on saving throws against plants that are magically created or manipulated to impede movement, such those created by the entangle spell.
(Basically Land's Strider with an extra +5ft movement attached to it, which alongside Adept Explorer puts you on +10 movement speed like Barbarian or Monk, but without the restrictions, which I think is ok considering this comes online much later)

10th lv - Supply Skillset

Choose two skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Stealth, or Survival. You gain proficiency in both chosen skills if you don’t already have it, and you can add double your proficiency bonus to ability checks using those skills.
(Double Canny without the languages; giving some extra skills and even expertise this deep into the class is probably not an issue, and the allure of getting expertise in Perception and Stealth will probably make players consider single-classing more)

10th lv - Natural Camouflage

Starting at 10th level, you can spend 1 minute creating camouflage for yourself or a willing creature. You must have access to fresh mud, dirt, plants, soot, and other naturally occurring materials with which to create the camouflage.
Once a creature is camouflaged in this way, it can try to hide by pressing itself up against a solid surface, such as a tree or wall, that is at least as tall and wide as it is. It gains a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks as long as it remains there without moving or taking actions. Once it moves or takes an action or a reaction, it must camouflage again to gain this benefit.
(Class Features UA went a little too far with the free Invisibility 1/short rest, and the Revised Ranger... does the same but more complicated? This is basically Hide in Plain Sight only you can take the minute and camouflage other people, not only you, so you can set up ambushes, hide from patrolling enemies, you name it. Feels like a good improvement without really changing the feature much)

11th lv - Ranger Archetype Feature

12th lv - Ability Score Improvement

14th lv - Vanish

(As PHB)

15th lv - Ranger Archetype Feature

16th lv - Ability Score Improvement

18th lv - Feral Senses

(As PHB)

19th lv - Ability Score Improvement

20th lv - Eerie Slayer

At 20th level, you become an unparalleled hunter of your enemies. Whenever you make a weapon attack against an enemy marked by your Marked Foe feature, you add your WIS modifier to the attack roll, and any attack roll you make against the marked target is a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 on the d20.
(Foe Slayer felt a little weak adding WIS to either Attack OR Damage at 20th level, once per turn, with no other bonuses; this makes your attacks against your marked target super consistent, and gives a little goodie that people love. Sure, you can get Champion or Hexblade or the new UA tattoo for this, but I think it's a nice bonus for a 20th level Ranger)
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Dota IMBA 7.19g (plus Spring Cleaning 2020 Part 1)

So...this was originally meant to just be a bug-fix patch, but Valve dropped Patch 7.25 on the day that I expected to put this up. Not wanting to delay any of those changes for two or more weeks, I took most of the day to hastily shove in many of the vanilla changes, so this ends up being a standard balance patch, with a LOT of bug-fixes...
As fixing bugs inadvertently results in other bugs emerging (especially with a bunch of new stuff being added), I encourage players to continue reporting any discrepancies they run into. The Discord has a #spring_cleaning_bugs channel where these reports are consolidated and quickly addressed, so feel free to stop by and let us know how we can continue to improve the game.
As mentioned, this patch implements a majority of the standard Patch 7.25 changes. More "personalized" changes are still scheduled for Dota IMBA 7.20.


Neutral Items


Bounty Hunter

Shuriken Toss

Chaos Knight

Reality Rift


Death Pact

Dark Seer



Bad Juju

Earth Spirit


Elder Titan


Ember Spirit

Searing Chains


Black Hole


Phantom's Embrace


Flak Cannon
Call Down


Blade Dance








God's Rebuke


Sacred Arrow

Nature's Prophet

Wrath of Nature

Night Stalker



Flesh Heap


Nether Ward
Life Drain

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike
Sonic Wave

Sand King

Caustic Finale






Shadow Step

Spirit Breaker



Templar Assassin

Psionic Projection


Fury Swipes

Vengeful Spirit

Magic Missile


Soul Assumption


Shadow Word



Witch Doctor

Paralzying Cask
Death Ward


Abyssal Blade


Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel (Level 2)


Crimson Guard


Ethereal Blade

Force Staff

Hurricane Pike

Iron Talon

Kaya and Sange

Necronomicon Series


Nullifier EX

Pipe of Insight

Poor Man's Shield

Silver Edge


Veil of Discord

Yasha and Kaya

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

Minor Patch for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Ember Spirit: Rough fix for Fire Remnant charges being inconsistent when manipulating having Aghanim's Scepter in inventory
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
  • Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down cooldown not being updated as per patch notes
  • Nullifier: Fixed both versions having separate cooldowns
Minor Patch #2 for Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Bugfixes / Miscellaneous

  • Centaur Warrunner: Minor improvements to Hoof Stomp's Gladiators' Pit logic
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's damage return not being affected by spell amplification
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate being able to get charge stacks while the damage buff is active
  • Centaur Warrunner: Retaliate's Remnants of Return now sources the strength bonus from the modifier owner instead of the aura owner
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Retaliate's Bulging Hide using a custom block system instead of the standard (and potentially not working)
  • Centaur Warrunner: Fixed Level 10 Talent "+100% Double Edge Shake It Off" not working, instead increasing Retaliate's Remnants of Return strength percentage by 1%
  • Centaur Warrunner: Level 25 Talent "Retaliate Upgrade" no longer triggers Bulging Hide from spell damage
  • Satanic: Attempted fix for lifesteal unocassionally not working
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Kraken Shell's Aqueous Leviathan not immediately updating health values due to strength changes
  • Tidehunter: Fixed Level 15 Talent "-25% Anchor Smash Damage Reduction" not showing on client-side
submitted by Altivu to dotaimba [link] [comments]

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219

MAME 0.219 arrives today, just in time for the end of February! This month we’ve got another piece of Nintendo Game & Watch history – Pinball – as well as a quite a few TV games, including Dream Life Superstar, Designer’s World, Jenna Jameson’s Strip Poker, and Champiyon Pinball. The previously-added Care Bears and Piglet’s Special Day TV games are now working, as well as the big-endian version of the MIPS Magnum R4000. As always, the TV games vary enormously in quality, from enjoyable titles, to low-effort games based on licensed intellectual properties, to horrible bootlegs using blatantly copied assets. If music/rhythm misery is your thing, there’s even a particularly bad dance mat game in there.
On the arcade side, there are fixes for a minor but long-standing graphical issue in Capcom’s genre-defining 1942, and also a fairly significant graphical regression in Seibu Kaihatsu’s Raiden Fighters. Speaking of Seibu Kaihatsu, our very own Angelo Salese significantly improved the experience in Good E-Jan, and speaking of graphics fixes, cam900 fixed some corner cases in Data East’s innovative, but little-known, shoot-’em-up Boogie Wings. Software list additions include the Commodore 64 INPUT 64 collection (courtesy of FakeShemp) and the Spanish ZX Spectrum Load’N’Run collection (added by ICEknight). New preliminary CPU cores and disassemblers include IBM ROMP, the NEC 78K family, Samsung KS0164 and SSD Corp’s Xavix 2.
As always, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

submitted by cuavas to MAME [link] [comments]

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